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Creating a robust and secure crypto wallet is essential in today's digital landscape.

Our crypto wallet development services are geared to cater to your every need, ensuring top-notch security and seamless functionality. As a leading wallet development company, we specialize in crafting tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our team at SequenceWorks is committed to delivering unparalleled expertise and innovation in crypto wallet development services, providing you with a cutting-edge solution that suits your digital asset management needs.

Whether it’s a mobile wallet, a Bitcoin wallet, or a versatile digital wallet, our experienced team excels in building diverse types of wallets that transcend conventional boundaries. Our custom-designed wallet applications integrate seamlessly with various blockchain networks, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience for managing your crypto assets.

At SequenceWorks, we understand the evolving nature of digital assets. Hence, our focus remains on staying ahead in the ever-changing crypto landscape. By leveraging the latest technologies and adhering to industry best practices, we guarantee top-notch crypto wallet development services, delivering solutions that are not just innovative but also robust and reliable.

Choose us as your crypto wallet development company of choice, and experience the epitome of secure, user-friendly, and technologically advanced wallet solutions that cater precisely to your needs.

Everything considered

Unlocking Next-Gen Crypto Wallet Solutions: Your Secure Path to Digital Assets

From designing a user-centric web wallet to developing sophisticated crypto coin management systems, our expertise spans various facets of digital asset management. Our expert development team is dedicated to creating highly functional crypto wallet apps that simplify interactions with a multitude of digital currencies across diverse wallet development projects.

We provide our extensive experience in building exceptional cryptocurrency wallets of all complexities. When building cryptocurrency wallets there are several important factors that should be considered:


It is vital to ensure that smart contracts are bulletproof, the wallet is set up for 2-factor authentication and multi-signature functionality.


An attractive wallet must be set up correctly with all necessary APIs and support numerous cryptocurrencies that can be easily exchanged.


Managing transactions and funds must be easy. The proper design of a wallet is critical, especially for specific-use cases, as it results in success or failure.

Scalability and speed

Numerous transactions must be handled as quickly as possible.


A wallet is nearly always a part of an ecosystem, so proper integration and seamlessness is vital.

Multi-platform support

Today’s users want to access wallets from any device.

By type of key storage

  • Custodial wallets.
  • Non-custodial wallets.

By method of storage

  • Hot (software) wallets.
  • Cold (hardware) wallets.

By number of cryptocurrencies supported

  • Coin-specific wallets (e.g., only Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple).
  • Multi-currency wallets.

By number of wallet users

  • Single-signature (singlesig) wallets for personal use.
  • Multi-signature (multisig, shared) wallets for business needs.

Are you in search of exceptional wallet solutions aligned with the future of finance?

Our robust wallet development process is engineered to deliver cutting-edge solutions, ensuring secure management and seamless transactions for your diverse range of digital assets. As pioneers in the field, we specialize in crafting innovative crypto wallet development solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you require a user-friendly wallet or an innovative cryptocurrency wallet app, our services are crafted to meet your specific wallet needs. Partner with us for a dynamic, secure, and user-centric crypto wallet development process that promises a future-proof solution for managing your digital assets.

A crypto wallet isn’t merely software; it’s a digital asset-safeguarding tool. Our cryptocurrency wallet solution ensures a secure platform where your assets are safeguarded. Avail of our comprehensive wallet development services to maintain and protect your crypto wallet without hassle.

Signature features included with our crypto wallets


Minimum latency as users can sell cryptos directly from wallets and get the money credited on their cards.


In-built token swapping functionality eliminates the need to use a separate wallet integration service.


Empower your users to securely stake their cryptos and participate in trading activities across Defi platforms.

API connections

Users can sell or buy their sought-after cryptocurrencies without leaving the crypto exchange platforms.

Vendor payments

Facilitate payment in cryptocurrencies as fiat-equivalent for consumer services through QR codes.


Facilitate quick and easy deposit, withdrawal, and transfer of fiat currencies directly to visa/master prepaid cards.

QR code scanner

Eliminate the need for human-copying of wallet addresses by facilitating automatic QR code scanning of addresses.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

The wallets automatically detect and denies duplicate payments to avoid any chargebacks.

Perks of our Crypto Wallet

It readily integrates with all Defi platforms and directly reaches millions of global users.

It offers cross-platform compatibility for Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows

It enables users to store and sell multiple cryptos ( ETH, Litecoin, BTC, ERC-20 tokens, altcoins) in a single wallet.

Our development offerings

Helping build fast, secure and seamless experience

With an emphasis on secure transactions and intuitive interfaces, our software development ethos ensures the seamless integration of cutting-edge blockchain wallet technology. Our goal is to provide a secure environment where your wallet provides a seamless experience, accommodating various needs from NFT wallet development to multi-cryptocurrency wallets.

Custom wallet development

We help develop custom cryptocurrency wallets tailored to your specific needs. Our expert teams are able to design any custom UX/UI, workflow, automation, and integration.

Ongoing wallet support

We provide continuous support services to ensure your wallet is functioning properly allowing your operations to be smooth and seamless.

Existing wallet integration

Connect and integrate your existing or popular third-party wallet with your digital infrastructure in a quick and reliable way.

Open-source wallet forking

Using a secure open-source code base will save time by obtaining results quickly and easily. Drastically reduce the time to market and handle all transactions with ease.

Legacy wallet code review

Our crypto experts analyze your wallet and provide detailed optimization recommendations, including a checklist of issue fixes to ensure that your legacy wallet stands out.

Our development process

Our process to steer your solution journey

As a leading cryptocurrency wallet development company, we offer avant-garde solutions that redefine the industry standard. Our proficiency extends to building versatile white-label crypto wallets, providing a customizable interface for users engaged in crypto trading activities.

Engage with the latest blockchain technologies and embrace the future of digital finance. Our mobile wallet solutions offer reliable and secure means for you to access and manage your digital assets. We’re a trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet app development company equipped with seasoned cryptocurrency wallet developers dedicated to providing top-notch development services at an affordable cost.

From Ethereum wallet development to coin-based wallet development, we cater to your unique requirements. Our team ensures a seamless wallet launch backed by expertly crafted wallet software. Partner with us for a seasoned cryptocurrency wallet experience that reflects the next generation of innovative, secure, and reliable crypto wallets.

Business & technical analysis

We start by reviewing the technical and business perspectives of your blockchain projects and realize the purpose and specification of the wallet you need.

Architecture design

During the architecture design of your wallet app, we create the blueprint to define the interactions between frontend, backend, transaction, data storage, and retrieval.

Fidelity design

We create a low-fidelity prototype to specify the wallet’s look through a rough outline of the UI/UX elements. On your validation, we create the high-fidelity design.

Smart contract development

To add functionalities to the wallet, such as bundle transactions, account recovery, transfer limits, and more, we develop smart contracts depending on your project specifications.

Frontend-backend development

We use programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Solidity, Node.js, and frameworks like Angular, React, React-Native, and Ionic for frontend and backend development.


After thorough testing of any bugs or omissions, we complete the final steps of wallet development and deploy it on the blockchain, making it available to the users.

" Owing to SequenceWorks’ expertise in Blockchain-based software development, we chose them as a technology partner for the CoolWallet SDK development project. SequenceWorks' effort to integrate our core product CoolWallet – a hardware crypto wallet – with the NEAR network. We were pleased with the outcomes of the project, as well as with the transparent and responsive collaboration from SequenceWorks. "

— John Bunn, Executive Officer

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