We help build all aspects of enterprise blockchain infrastructures

Explore the vast potential of blockchain technology across sectors with our expert blockchain development company. Leveraging frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and consortium blockchains, we streamline operations in sectors such as supply chain management and financial services. Our focus on distributed ledger technology ensures immutable and securely managed data, whether it’s on a private or public blockchain. With scalability and enterprise use at the forefront, our blockchain projects aim to revolutionize industries.

From diagnosing bottlenecks and process inefficiencies to building custom apps and deploying off-the-shelf software packages, we help nail down any tech challenge and stay by your side to make sure that your solution runs like clockwork. Partner with us to unlock the transformative power of blockchain, optimizing operations and enhancing efficiency across sectors.

Enterprise DLT Consulting & Audit

  • Business specifics & workflow analysis
  • Existing system’s vulnerability diagnostics
  • Decentralized ledger technologies feasibility study
  • Competition analysis
  • Requirements documentation
  • Rough estimation & functionality breakdown
  • UX prototyping
  • Complete estimation, assumptions & proposal
  • Project plan documentation

Custom Enterprise Blockchain Development

  • PoC & MVP development
  • Private & permission-based blockchain development
  • Architecture design
  • Business logic customization
  • Consistent UX & UI design
  • Smart contract development
  • Cloud storage implementation (IPFS)
  • dApp migration
  • External service integration
  • Decentralized ledger maintenance

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Integration, Updates & QA

  • Implementation strategy roadmapping
  • Cloud container-enabled integration
  • Blockchain infrastructure deployment
  • Migration of existing systems to enterprise blockchain platforms
  • Updating legacy enterprise blockchain services
  • Revamping business logic
  • Comprehensive manual & automation testing
  • Security techniques review & upgrading

Smart Contract or Chaincode Development & Audit

  • Automated asset & data ownership transfer
  • No middlemen claim settlement
  • Self-executing invoice smart contracts
  • Complete functional & non-functional testing
  • Vulnerability checking & performance optimization

Enterprise Tokenization Solutions

  • White-paper assembling
  • Strategic planning
  • Building system architecture
  • Token & smart contracts development
  • Crypto wallet development
  • STO website or landing page development
  • STO design & branding
  • STO platform or dashboard engineering
  • Post-offering tech support & updates

Enterprise DApps Development

  • PoC & MVP engineering
  • UX & UI design
  • Exchange platform implementation
  • Cloud data storage & migration
  • Third-party integrations & ecosystem updates

Get more out of your business assets

We will help you get started with an innovative blockchain strategy. Tell us about your aspirations — we’ll help your enterprise handle blockchain transformation, nice and easy.

Delivering on our promises

What we do to future-proof enterprises

Focused on driving tangible profits for our enterprise clients, we adapt our solutions to suit their business model and requirements.

Partner with us to explore the vast potential of enterprise blockchains and witness the efficiency and security they bring to your enterprise solutions.

Combining industry-specific experience with blockchain expertise

  • FinTech, AI, machine learning, retail, supply chain, IoT, legal, M&E
  • Cryptography, cloud databases, tokenization, app architecture and design, connectivity

Designing flexible architecture and building full-scale ecosystems

  • Enterprise blockchain solutions built to smoothly deploy, scale and upgrade
  • Seamless integration with APIs, block explorers, third-party services, wallets, and other dApps

Ensuring expert tech choice and solution customization

  • Hand-picked consensus protocols and frameworks, cautious DLT deployment
  • Blueprinting smart contract or chain code commitments, transactions, and permission rules

Providing comprehensive QA and tech support

  • End-to-end testing: business logic, smart contract or chain code, permissions, nodes
  • DLT network deployment, on-premises implementation, cloud container underpinning

Steps behind our enterprise development

As a leading enterprise blockchain development company, we specialize in leveraging blockchain technology for transformative enterprise solutions across various industries. With expertise in Ethereum blockchain and different blockchain protocols, we craft tailored solutions for diverse enterprise use cases, such as food supply chain management and federated blockchain networks. Our focus on permissioned and private blockchain networks ensures enterprise adoption, providing secure and efficient enterprise applications. By utilizing proof of stake and robust software development, we create a robust blockchain ecosystem delivering unparalleled benefits to different industries.

We leverage engineering innovation and scientific advances to ensure every project’s success. Discover the stages we will take with you on your way to a customized and tailored enterprise blockchain solution.

Kick-off & requirements collection

We start by gathering initial requirements and defining our cooperation process. We also assess the project size and determine the approximate budget and time range for implementation, develop high-level roadmaps, and specify the functions and responsibilities of each team member.

Strategy and concept development

Our team gets together and discusses the implementation details in order to clearly outline your idea and requirements. We also craft a preliminary vision of the architecture and technology stack to be used, outline a set of features for an MVP version, and work out a detailed project plan identifying potential risks and limitations.

Product development & QA

Upon outlining implementation details, we assign our product engineering team and get down to development. This includes solution architecture creation, blockchain network deployment,  digital experience, and integration with external systems. We combine the best practices from different development methodologies to safeguard the success of your project.We practice holistic and thorough, QA testing, arrange comprehensive system health checks, and test-drive the final version of your solution inside out and upside down.

Launch & support

Once the solution has been delivered and approved, we publish it in live environments and provide post-launch maintenance and support. Our team is always ready to assist you with further growth and the development of your product.

Tell us about your aspirations

Safeguard your enterprise processes and gain advanced yield from your assets. We will help your enterprise handle blockchain transformation, nicely and easily.