Automate and secure operations on the Metaverse by trusting us with the development of Metaverse smart contracts compatible across various chains.

Mitigate hacker attacks with the Proof-of-Work security algorithm where the whole network validates each block generated, with the mining reward distributed among stakeholders.

Run cross-chain operations profitably with a modular framework that allows connecting DApps, services, and independent blockchains to exchange data and perform transactions at low costs.

Introduce a new NFT product to the existing Metaverse or create your own blockchain-based NFT marketplace from scratch — we help you execute your idea.

Embark on an immersive journey into the metaverse with our leading metaverse development services

Our experienced metaverse development team specializes in crafting custom metaverse solutions that redefine the digital landscape. Whether you’re envisioning a metaverse project for gaming, real estate, or NFT marketplaces, our enterprise metaverse solutions and metaverse application development expertise ensure an unparalleled experience. As a top-tier metaverse development company, we guide your entry into the metaverse world, providing integration services that seamlessly blend cutting-edge metaverse technology with your development project. Partner with us to create your dream metaverse and embrace the future of immersive experiences.


The metaverse market is forecasted to reach between $8 Trillion to $13 Trillion mark by 2030


The global market for AR, and VR, stood at $28 billion in 2021 and will reach $250 billion by 2028.


It is estimated that by 2030 the users on Metaverse could grow to 5 billion unique internet users.

Metaverse development services

Not just trying to define. We are building it.

From business logic to complete infrastructure, integrations, financial layers, and interconnectivity — SequenceWorks has you covered with actionable roadmaps and engineering talent to handle your idea.

Digital economies & assets development

We help you build a fully-functioning economy where contributors produce value, buy and sell assets, invest at scale, and get rewarded for their activities making your Metaverse project a hot spot for DeFi tech heads.

  • NFTs & fungible tokens, lands, skins, objects
  • NFT-based products for existing metaverses
  • Multi-currency wallets
  • OTC, lending, exchange platforms

Metaverse NFT marketplace engineering

We help power Metaverse NFT marketplaces with the fastest-growing blockchain platforms while ensuring secure trade, clockwork validation, and amazing throughput to capitalize on integrating trending tech and emerge into the thriving digital markets.

  • Permissioned & open Metaverse NFT marketplaces
  • NFT infrastructure deployment & audit
  • NFT smart contracts development & token minting
  • Currencies withdrawal mechanisms

Crypto infrastructure development

We help deliver full-blown operational layers with nimble cross-service communication. Thinking beyond the usual boundaries, we help design Web 3.0 wealth generation channels and implement top-demanded financial instruments for your Metaverse crypto projects.

  • Cryptocurrencies & tokens incorporation
  • Tokenization tools development
  • Oracles & crypto wallets engineering
  • Decentralized storage implementation

Metaverse applications engineering

We help manage your Metaverse company’s workflows efficiently and ensure a slick digital presence for your brand, products, and services. With a focus on your business and economic purposes, we help build next-gen dApps and traditional applications alike.

  • Payment processing functionality
  • Gaming experiences support
  • Virtual tours development
  • In-app assets implementation

Metaverse integration services

We support a rich gamut of tech instruments and cross-domain skills to make your infrastructure components click with perfect business logic. Whatever sophisticated Metaverse ecosystem you require, our support means you’ll get it up and running without hiccups.

  • System architecture mapping
  • APIs & gateways development
  • Fault-resistant utilities & extensions engineering
  • Blockchain integration & migration

Metaverse consulting

Besides building brand-new products, we help you to devise a strategy for Metaverse transition, diversify your offering, and win over investor support. We help you discover and explore Metaverse opportunities for your business and be creative beyond the bounds of possibility.

  • Business analysis & market research
  • Research-based roadmapping
  • Technology stack selection & financial modeling
  • Marketing planning & campaigning
Our Assets Package

Immerse in the Metaverse

Unlock the Metaverse with SequenceWorks’ packaged solutions that will enable your business to participate in this landscape today and in the future.


Token-controlled Metaverse access, land and property NFTs, location-based engagement.

Crypto instruments

Digital currency collections and libraries, crypto APIs, arbitrage tools, OTC exchanges.

Traditional payment tools

Integration with transaction processing instruments of your choice, debit and credit included.

Smart contract interaction

Automated execution, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), advanced consensus.

Objects & assets

Any property, from houses and vehicles to gaming avatars, clothing and decoration items.

Game mechanics

NFT-enabled interactive RPGs, combinatorial strategies, collaborative storytelling, and more

Metaverse venues

Conference and concert halls, NFT art galleries, game battles, HoReCa event hosting.


Composable virtual settings and graphic representation of constructions and natural areas.


Grid services, parallel computation, portable OpenXR application, 3D acceleration.

Server-side validations

Reliable and secure process based on failure-proof APIs, protected from malicious attacks.

Message bus

Message queues improving decoupled applications performance and interoperability.

Transcending industry barriers

Discover the diversity of Metaverse use cases changing the way industries distribute and monetize resources. We are here to help build phenomenal brand-new experiences that sprint you ahead of the pack.

Explore the transformative potential of the metaverse with our leading metaverse development company offering immersive metaverse software development services. We specialize in creating custom metaverse experiences tailored to enterprises, guiding you through the metaverse development process from ideation to launch. Our expert metaverse developers build dynamic metaverse apps, games, and platforms, ensuring an end-to-end metaverse solution. Whether it’s for real estate, gaming, or social media, we offer a range of innovative services to help build and host your dream metaverse project. Embrace the metaverse’s virtual spaces within your enterprise with our comprehensive support, enabling transactions and creating impactful, 3D immersive experiences. Contact us to turn your metaverse aspirations into reality.

Healthcare & wellness

VR testing, diagnosis, and research labs, SPA setting demos, AR/VR-enabled rehabilitation

FinTech & banking

DeFi platforms, stable coins to fiat currencies exchanges, real to virtual investments transfer


Multidimensional marketplaces for digital goods, NFT galleries, crypto payment integrations


Virtual students’ rooms and training environments, immersive learning experiences

Metaverse entertainment

VR amusement parks, cinemas, and bookmaking firms, Metaverse-hosted events

Metaverse real estate

Digital building twins, apartments furnishing tours, fractionalized VR lands and property

Metaverse gaming

Mixed reality P2P tournaments, digital in-game assets and NFTs, UGC implementation

Social media

VR messengers, accessible AR experiences, NFT minting-enabled content ownership

Our Expertise

Why partner with us?

We help you couple our industry knowledge and experience with your solution and its underlying mechanics of development. You receive the right mix that you need for your Metaverse and NFT solutions.

Metaverse know-how

Our team has a clear understanding of the Metaverse and digital reality trends and use cases, powered by hands-on DeFi and NFT experience. We keep ourselves up to speed with integral practices, tools, and frameworks to better assist in evaluating and developing your Metaverse project.

  • Metaverse, VR/AR/MR knowledge, storytelling ability
  • Real-time asset creation and optimization skills
  • Tech trends interpretation and actualization
  • Branding and marketing best practices

Metaverse NFT design best practices

In designing Metaverse NFTs, we help introduce next-gen digital storytelling techniques which are at the intersection of technology, art, and culture. From Ethereum and Flow to Binance and Bitcoin — we assist in hand-picking platforms to better ramp up your NFTs competitiveness.

  • Flawless UI/UX development
  • User flow analysis and fine-tuning
  • Tokenomics planning
  • Interoperability optimization

Blockchain development proficiency

We implement oracles like ChainLink, L2, DeFi, TDD along with sidechains-enabled scaling. Our deep understanding of the top blockchain platforms allows us to build fully-fledged decentralized ecosystems — from smart contracts to Web3 tools.

  • Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Flow, Polkadot, Polygon
  • Solidity, Vyper, Cadence, Node.js tools
  • ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 security standards
  • Truffle, Hardhat, Remix, OpenZeppelin libs and frameworks

Architecture design mastership

Central to our most efficient Metaverse projects are blockchain, VR, AI, 3D engines, and slick in-game logic built on a multi-layer economic system. Building and implementing products for limitlessly scalable audiences is essentially our core competency.

  • Excellent mathematical and algorithmic base
  • Scalable microservices architectures expertise
  • Decentralization, cloud, and edge computing
  • Geospatial mapping skills
High-level development process

How we make it happen

We work with you and map out an optimized engineering path. Our process helps eliminates redundancies and lets us focus on rapid progress as well as cost and ROI optimization.


We analyze your requirements and market specifics and develop financial modeling, V&S, and gamification strategies combining your aspirations with resources and Metaverse investing opportunities.


We work with you in defining and documenting your product vision prior to hitting the road with full-cycle engineering. This helps us with user flow wireframing and red-flag potential inefficiencies and makes processes easily adaptable.


We help you devise a flexible architecture, all-inclusive digital experiences, platform-as-a-service modules, and multitasking UIs for your complex Metaverse project.

Development & testing

We build your solution with all the essentials in place, optimize them for asset markets, fine-tune eCommerce workflows, enhance the rights, and fix the wrongs through end-to-end testing.

Launch & support

We help you with solution deployment to your target platforms and stay right by your side, keeping track of your product’s progress and user satisfaction. We also support you through the evolution of your Metaverse project with the right set of new features and integrations.

Level up and conquer your Metaverse reality

Take a minute to drop us a line about your challenge — we will get back with an advisory session on how to evolve your ecosystem or help you make an informed decision about Metaverse investing.