Experience cutting-edge STO development services tailored to your needs with SequenceWorks, a leading premier security token offering (STO) development company specializing in equity tokens and security token exchange.

Our expertise spans token creation and smart contract development for various types of security tokens, ensuring compliance and robustness for STOs. As STOs gain prominence as a viable option to raise capital, our services empower issuers to tokenize assets while offering utility tokens with voting rights. Unlike ICOs, STOs prioritize regulatory compliance, and our team ensures adherence to legal frameworks, providing a secure and transparent platform for fundraising. Partner with us for a strategic and successful STO journey, leveraging our comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Capitalize on security tokens

Personalized security token offering platforms enable you to intuitively access top-scale and sharply-focused investment opportunities worldwide.

Advanced liquidity

Win over rich funding, blazing-fast. By integrating the world's most efficient exchanges, you can trade and transfer your token security to a massive pool of trusted investors.

Global market presence

Security token offering platforms underlie distributed blockchain networks. With offerings great or small you can reach mature market players across the globe.

Operational transparency

Naturally decentralized, security tokens ensure the utmost ownership and management visibility. No banking intermediaries, fraud, or misuse sneak in as you execute your deals.

Automation & cost-efficiency

Smart-contract-powered logic enables you to get a clear edge. Save resources through self-executed real-time asset distribution and dividend payment.

Our Service Offerings

One-size-fits-all? Never!

We advise on security token implementation feasibility, help design unique solution roadmaps, estimate potential spending, and engineer custom platforms with all business specifics factored in.

Security token offering development

SequenceWorks helps create fully custom solutions or tokenized MVPs on pre-built components for a shortened release cycle. We have it all covered from unlimited asset tokenization, utility, equity, debt token development, and payment to STO exchange platforms.

  • Smart contract engineering
  • Fungible / non-fungible token development
  • Features customization
  • UX/UI architecture & design
  • Integration & deployment

Security token offering consulting

From business case analysis to strategizing custom selection of blockchain protocol, and economic modeling — SequenceWorks helps makes ideation and planning a breeze making banking and investor relations crystal clear, with a focus on KYC/AML and industry-specific regulations.

  • Strategy refinement
  • Project infrastructure mapping
  • Tech specification
  • Cross-channel communication setup

STO ecosystem development

Get exactly what you want from your campaign through a well-orchestrated DeFi infrastructure. Let us interconnect decentralized exchanges, oracles, tokenization platforms, STO funds, OTC trade instruments, and databases in compliance with global policies.

  • DApps & investment optimization instruments
  • Multi-platform wallets, custodian access backups
  • Management dashboards
  • Payment processing systems

STO whitepaper development

We help prepare STO whitepapers to give your product the edge. Expect legal copyright disclaimer, commercial and financial modeling, tech architecture, tokenomics, and UX/UI details — all assembled for a smooth launch.

  • Innovation concept
  • Tech & marketing targets
  • Operational manuals
  • ROI growth suggestions

DLT-enabled security

Protection for all transaction data using underlying blockchain and encryption techniques.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Trusted custodian as a backup access

Modularity & adaptability

Customizable Security tokens and STO campaigns are customizable to your business needs.

  • Tokenizes any asset type
  • Provides ecosystem for global trade

Standards compliance

Ingrained jurisdictional adherence to smart contracts and integrated top payment and OTC exchange services.

  • AML/KYC/CFT support
  • Legitimate crypto market & DApps access

Programmable ownership

Allowing the purchase of real-world assets fractions while embedding additional vesting, buybacks, and dividends.

  • Ownership shares issuance & transfer
  • Built-in minimum funding or refund goals

Controlled campaigning

Manage fine-tune mailing, and visualize indicators and stats through your campaign landing page and investor UI.

  • Transaction governance, hot wallet setup
  • Direct user-investor communication

Experience-driven UX

Enjoy automated onboarding, and transfer security tokens from mobile and web wallets through integrated exchanges.

  • Traceable & detailed transaction history
  • Live STO campaign overview & cap table

How we make it happen

Our STO development and consulting process eliminates redundancies and lets us focus on rapid progress along with cost and ROI optimization.

Asset selection

What’s the best tokenization target within your enterprise context? We bring in our experience and expertise to pick the right tokenization taking into account all stakeholders’ requirements.

  • Business case analysis
  • Objectives definition
  • Potential revenue channel overview
  • Tokenization mapping

Tokenization modeling

Not only do we assist in choosing a representation model — from asset-backed, equity, or security token to stablecoin — but we also analyze related legal intricacies.

  • Requirements & strategic analysis
  • Competition research
  • Financial modeling & tokenomics
  • Compliance landscape outline

Technical study

We map out a scalable security token offering infrastructure, with KYC/AML, custodies, fiat ramps, payment gateways, and secondary market implementation in mind.

  • Blockchain protocol selection
  • Token technical specification
  • Architecture sketching
  • External integration planning

Operational costs & whitepaper mapping

Resource breakdown and STO launch aren’t easy. We provide quants and marketing aid, come up with investor engagement strategies, and summarize STO objectives.

  • Product & domain overview
  • Technical roadmap
  • Business aspects
  • Security token assets

MVP development

Be it a crypto-coin or NFT, we can develop any asset tokenization concept that fits the purpose. We have you covered for further integrations like OTC tools and wallets.

  • Blockchain setup and customization
  • Application or platform engineering
  • Smart contract & security contract development
  • Third-party & business process integrations

Improvements & continuous tech support

To help your token security solution evolve into a highly-competitive financial instrument, we garner its performance stats and offer value-based improvements.

  • Feedback-driven product updates
  • Token ecosystem development
  • Additional DeFi services implementation
  • Infrastructure sanity maintenance

Get your campaign going

Attract investors and raise funding for a business makeover. Our team ensures stringent security and quality assurance no matter how complex your idea is.