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We partner with global brands and media properties to innovative startups and funded ventures to design and develop award-winning apps, platforms, and seamless experiences that thrive at the intersection of business goals and user needs.

Improve efficiency, build trust, and revolutionalize your business with blockchain technology

We help you cut down management costs and streamline processes across a global landscape with decentralized blockchain infrastructure, applications, and services.

Check out our blockchain development solutions and see how we build a transparent, secure, and cost-efficient ecosystem for your business to thrive.

Industry-led, blockchain-powered MediLedger Network

Web3 — Blockchain — Web

Blockchain Data Platform

Web3 — Blockchain — Data — Web

IP platform leveraging the power of AI and blockchain technology

Web3 — Blockchain — AI — Web

Blockchain platform for bank guarantees

Blockchain — DeFi — Mobile — Web

Ethereum-based open-source DAO management platform

Web3 — Blockchain — DAO — Mobile — Web

Blockchain-based social marketing

Blockchain — Smart Contract — Social

Create innovative ways to engage with customers, create new revenue streams, and enhance brand value with NFTs

We have tried-and-true experience in building powerful feature-rich NFT marketplaces and ecosystems that create new investment pools as well as drive liquidity and user engagement.

Check out our selected NFT development success stories to get insights into our service offering and find inspiration for your future projects.

Video NFT Marketplace

Blockchain — NFT — Web — Mobile

Smart Contract Analysis and Security Check for the NFT Marketplace

NFT — Smart Contract — Mobile — Web

Web3 projects aggregator


Web3 — NFT — Mobile

Decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

Web3 — NFT — Mobile — Web

Access capital, increase liquidity, and enhance transparency with tokenization strategies

We've helped tech startups and other market newcomers digitize any asset for a successful security token offering campaign needed to develop their businesses and expand operations.

Find out how our tokenization solutions aid business owners in running their tokenization undertakings.

Ethereum-Based Online Platform for Crowdfunding and ICOs

Blockchain — ICO — FinTech — Web

UTXO-Based Blockchain and DApp Development Platform

Blockchain — Cryptocurrency — Mobile — Web

Multisig Wallet

dApp — Smart Contract — Mobile — Web

Diversify your services and unravel new opportunities for revenue generation and customer engagement with Metaverse

Our top engineering talents have assisted in creating a metaverse economy strategy, merging metaverse into your solution, developing a cutting-edge metaverse NFT marketplace, or delivering an engaging metaverse game.

Discover some of the metaverse projects that have brought our clients ahead of the curve.

User-Generated Crypto & Blockchain Games

Blockchain — Metaverse — Cryptocurrency

Advanced virtual economies through Blockchain & NFTs

Blockchain — NFT — Metaverse

Polygon-based decentralized Metaverse

Metaverse — Cryptocurrency — NFT

Improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and extract value with connected devices and edge computing

We help connect your business infrastructure endpoints into an efficient ecosystem by automating workflows, efficiently managing power and data distribution, and ultimately enhancing decision-making.

Explore the way our IoT service combines sensor and cloud tech capabilities with machine learning and blockchain to give a competitive advantage.

Programmable hardware wallet

IoT — Cryptocurrency — Wallet

Ucam - Blockchain Home Security Camera

Blockchain— IoT — Mobile — Web

Crypto HNT Miner

IoT — Cryptocurrency — Blockchain

Remote control for Smart Air Disinfector

IoT — Mobile — Web — Design

Empower your enterprise with a results-oriented partnership based on trust and credibility

We offer our enterprise clients valuable expertise, insights, and solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Our solutions help improve business performance, automate mission-driven operations, and achieve their goals.

See how our solutions provide valuable expertise, insights, and solutions to help our enterprise clients achieve their business objectives.

Bringing clarity and efficiency to clinical research.

Mobile — Web — Design

Game-based shopping experience

Game — Mobile — Web — Design

Launch the mobile app to expand the reach and increase customer engagement

We combine our experience in iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile app development to create solutions that help our clients break into app stores with an innovative app or with a new reliable channel for communication with their customers.

Look through our mobile development projects helping businesses with new opportunities to engage with customers, improve efficiency, and generate valuable data.

Accessible platform for earning, learning, and collecting crypto assets.

Fintech — Mobile — Design

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS

Mobile — Cryptocurrency — DApps

Renting eco electric cycles with just few taps

Mobile — Web — Design

Diabetes self-care and mental health support

Mobile — Web — Design

Better financial management & planning


Fintech — Mobile — Web — Design

Mobile IoT System for Device and Sensor Management


IoT — Mobile — Design

Create revenue-driving websites that align with overall business strategy at the core

We build responsive and robust websites and web applications that ensure measurable business outcomes while optimizing web page conversion adding to the bottom line and brand recognition.

Take a look at the next-gen web projects to which we have recently devoted our efforts.

Orchestrating Global Logistics Networks

Mobile — Web — Design

Multicoin Cryptocurrency Mining Pool


Blockchain — Cryptocurrency — Web

Reliable platform for currency analysis


Blockchain — Cryptocurrency — Web

Draw valuable insights from your data and make informed decisions

Our data analytics specialists have delivered businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other key metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies and tailor their offerings in compliance with all regulations.

Take a peek at the data-driven projects that we have already delivered to our clients.

Minimize risks for your NFT collectibles

Blockchain — NFT — AI — Analytics

Best-in-class AML compliance & risk management

Blockchain — Analytics

Global research and analytics delivered

Iron Sailor (Reachark)

Web — Analytics — Design