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We help our clients integrate data for comprehensive cryptocurrency investigation and transaction monitoring solutions to build an insights-driven solution and provide transparency for economies built on blockchain.


Gain visibility through metrics and tangible and immutable evidence by scraping transactional data from multiple coins and markets for Cryptoasset monitoring.


Support assets through blockchain analytics and predictive or real-time risk analysis which take the risk out of your business objective and improve compliance infrastructure.


Ascertain a wider context of transactional data through a holistic approach that ranges from deep research to machine learning-based transaction clustering.

Revolutionizing Financial Security

The Role of Blockchain and Analytics in Risk Management

Blockchain technology has revolutionized various sectors, especially finance, by introducing its decentralized ledger system. With this breakthrough, cryptocurrencies emerged, reshaping the landscape of financial transactions as we know them. However, amid this evolution, securing the crypto market remains paramount. Blockchain analytics tools have become integral, providing crucial insights into crypto transactions for businesses and regulators alike. These tools offer a comprehensive overview of the crypto landscape, aiding in identifying illicit activities or abnormalities within the ledger.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies challenges traditional financial structures, emphasizing the need for regulatory compliance and security. Analytics tools are pivotal in flagging suspicious activities within the crypto market, contributing significantly to risk management and compliance protocols.

As the crypto market expands, ensuring robust security measures for exchanges and businesses becomes imperative. Advanced analytics tools help consolidate security efforts, employing cryptographic protection to safeguard against potential threats or fraudulent activities. These measures aim to bolster the overall security of the crypto industry, fostering a more trustworthy environment for transactions and investments.

Blockchain analytics tools act as beacons for transparency in the crypto world, offering profound insights into transactions. This fosters a more secure and regulated ecosystem for businesses, regulators, and individuals alike, steering the future of financial transactions toward safety and reliability.

Moreover, blockchain technology has revolutionized risk management, especially in the financial sector, by introducing smart contracts and decentralized frameworks. Leveraging these networks allows stakeholders to utilize immutable and transparent ledgers, reducing susceptibility to fraud or manipulation. Smart contracts automate and enforce predefined terms, significantly reducing the risk of breaches and enhancing operational efficiency.

One of blockchain’s key advantages in risk management lies in its data decentralization, rendering it less prone to cyber threats. Its cryptographic elements ensure data integrity, making it virtually tamper-proof and safeguarding against unauthorized alterations. This inherent immutability creates a robust framework for audits, enhancing transparency and compliance with regulatory standards.

Beyond financial applications, blockchain’s disruptive potential spans various sectors like supply chain management, healthcare, and voting systems. Its capability to revolutionize risk management, cybersecurity, and governance frameworks has positioned it as a transformative force in the digital landscape. As more industries embrace blockchain’s capabilities, its potential to innovate risk management methodologies continues to expand.

Data engineering and management

Helping you gain control of your data environment to drive actionable insights. We offer data strategy, consulting, architecture, transformation to build a next-generation data-driven solution.

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Strategy and design

Assisting in measuring value potential, aligning on business priorities, identifying digital business transformation opportunities to progress from ideation through to prototype and implementation.

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Analytics consulting

Helping you integrate and scale your business intelligence and automation efforts. Use data science, predictive analytics and data visualization to gain meaningful insights that transform your business.

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Customer Intelligence

Transform blockchain data into actionable insights

We provide ongoing visibility into how your customers use their cryptocurrency which helps inform organizational decisions to optimize market development and improve customer experience initiatives.

Data driven decision making

Helping eliminate the challenge of knowing which avenue will have the most impact by including additional layer of customer intelligence to blockchain solutions, helping them to better understand customers, tailor product offerings, and identify new revenue streams.

Powering better business outcomes

Helping harnesses the same trusted dataset to help answer questions like: Which acquisition channels result in our best customers? Should we run a promotion on certain assets? How can we optimize personalized offerings? And more...


Know your transactions

We help organizations reduce manual workflows, stay compliant with local and global regulations, and safely interact with emerging technologies such as DeFi.

Identify high-risk activity

We help perform transaction monitoring for all cryptocurrency assets to detect patterns of high risk activity and prevent transactions with addresses identified on OFAC’s sanction list, freeze deposits from hacks or ransomware, screen ETH accounts, and more.

Purpose-built to empower safe access to DeFi

We help monitor all the addresses controlled by an entity for real-time intelligence on the source or destination of their funds helping your customers safely make trades for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), participate in lending contracts and more.


Explore. Investigate. Take Action.

We help examine fraudulent activity, such as the movement of stolen funds, as well as legitimate activity like flash loans and NFT transfers by connecting cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities.

Understand real-world activity

We help trace the flow of funds through an unlimited number of “hops”, review risk exposure and understand DeFi activity on the Ethereum blockchain, such as NFTs, swaps, and flash loans by connecting cryptocurrency transactions to real-world activity.

Trace transactions across blockchains

We help you understand the flow of various cryptocurrencies and trace funds across multiple assets. We help identify on/off ramp addresses and swapping activity to counteract attempts to obfuscate the flow of funds.

Empowering Insights

Blockchain Analytics Revolutionizing Industries and Compliance Efforts

Blockchain analytics is the ultimate tool transforming various industries, particularly within the crypto sector. As a leading blockchain analytics provider, Nansen, alongside our portfolio companies like Chainalysis, harnesses the power of blockchain technology to derive invaluable insights from blockchain networks. This process involves analyzing on-chain data and transaction details, enabling businesses, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies to leverage blockchain analytics effectively.

The importance of blockchain analytics extends to multiple use cases, including supply chain management, where it aids in tracking and validating product movement across the supply chain. By analyzing raw blockchain data, these analytics platforms provide critical insights into transaction data, making publicly available blockchain information more accessible and valuable for crypto businesses and financial institutions.

One of the pivotal benefits of blockchain analytics lies in its ability to ensure compliance and prevent illicit activities within the crypto industry. By monitoring wallet addresses with similar typologies and suspicious activities, analytics tools become indispensable for crypto traders and businesses alike, supporting their efforts to maintain security and adhere to anti-money laundering regulations.

Furthermore, blockchain analytics platforms play a significant role in leveraging available data stored on public blockchains for business intelligence. They enable analysts and data scientists to navigate large amounts of data effectively, using analysis techniques to guide decision-making processes for business or financial institutions. As the crypto industry evolves, the role of blockchain analytics companies becomes increasingly vital, offering insights and analytics that empower users to make informed decisions while ensuring the security and compliance of blockchain transactions.

Blockchain Revolution

Reinventing Operations and Risk Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of operations and supply chain management, the adoption of blockchain technology has emerged as a game-changer. This revolutionary technology plays a pivotal role in supply chain traceability, offering a framework that ensures integrity and security across the supply chain. Blockchain applications bring transparency and effectiveness to supply chain risk management, providing an effective risk mitigation strategy for potential risks associated with traditional financial institutions.

The potential of blockchain technology continues to unlock significant benefits, offering a robust framework for supply chain management and revolutionizing the way operations are conducted. Implementing blockchain across the supply chain helps manage risks efficiently by providing a decentralized ledger system immune to single points of failure, a significant advantage that traditional systems lack. This digital evolution strengthens supply chain traceability, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while maintaining the security and transparency of financial transactions.

Understanding blockchain and its role in supply chain operations is crucial for stakeholders within and outside the banking sector. Blockchain infrastructure not only manages the risks associated with supply chain management but also enhances the management system’s efficiency and reliability. By adopting blockchain, enterprises gain competitive advantages, as this disruptive technology mitigates disruption risks, offering a comprehensive framework for managing business and compliance risks effectively.

Moreover, the adoption of blockchain technology can provide a significant competitive edge by offering digital asset management and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Its use cases in various sectors, such as humanitarian supply chains and food supply chains, demonstrate the technology’s potential to manage risks and provide supply chain traceability, allowing stakeholders to maintain effective risk management programs.

Researchers and operations management professionals should understand how blockchain implementation can transform supply chain operations. By leveraging smart contract code and blockchain transactions, businesses can unlock the full potential of this revolutionary technology, transforming traditional financial services and crypto trading while maintaining the integrity and security of ledgers and operations. Ultimately, blockchain technology continues to be a disruptive force, offering a new paradigm for operations and supply chain management across various industries.

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