Maximize your business potential with streamlined access to the cloud and robust management solutions

Our services offer comprehensive cloud management benefits, providing enhanced security and efficiency across diverse cloud deployments.

We understand the importance of managing cloud computing costs effectively. Our solutions aim to track your cloud bills and optimize cloud capacity to ensure cost efficiency. With the expertise to monitor, review, and manage your cloud resources, we empower businesses to make informed decisions and implement change management seamlessly.

From public to hybrid cloud deployments, our services span across various platforms including Oracle Cloud, offering Kubernetes management and robust cloud strategies. Our third-party cloud management solutions automate incident management, ensuring a seamless and reliable cloud experience.

Our comprehensive cloud management services provide a centralized approach to computing cloud resources, delivering the agility and scalability needed to thrive in today’s market. We take the responsibility of managing your cloud infrastructure seriously, enabling you to focus on core business operations while we handle the complexities of cloud management.

Lower application costs

Transform your business model for growth with a cloud approach, lowering application costs and improving return on investment with automation.

Modernize and manage your applications

Continuously modernize and manage your applications on any platform with enhanced control and visibility, security, and regulatory compliance.

Adopt new ways to deliver innovation at scale

Change the way you innovate by converting successful ideas from pilot to enterprise-scale adoption to deliver agility and fuel growth.

Cloud first

Helping make cloud your business imperative

Our clients need to operate and compete at an unprecedented speed and scale. We help innovate faster, create new revenue streams, derive more insights from data, and interact differently with their customers using the cloud as a catalyst.

Migrate and scale up

Helping to get your workloads to cloud rapidly, securely, and with confidence by selecting the right infrastructure for your business needs.

Run and optimize

Ramping up your organizational speed and agility by restructuring architectures, applications and data for cloud.

Modernize and accelerate

Maximizing long-term value in the cloud depends on modernizing applications, infrastructure and data architecture.

Innovate and grow

Supporting cloud as the primary enabler of business reinvention, bringing together everything needed to innovate and embrace change.

Empower your business with expertly tailored managed cloud services that maximize efficiency and bolster growth

Our comprehensive suite of solutions covers a wide array of cloud needs, providing a seamless and robust environment for your operations

Leveraging top-tier cloud management tools, including the powerful Google Cloud, we navigate complex landscapes and craft bespoke strategies, whether you’re seeking a private cloud or managing hybrid cloud environments. With our managed services, rest assured that your cloud sprawl is controlled, keeping your resources optimized and aligned with your business goals.

As your dedicated cloud provider, we prioritize effective cloud management strategies, offering cutting-edge management software to streamline operations and ensure optimal cloud governance. Our focus on cloud cost management minimizes expenses while maximizing the efficiency of your cloud workloads.

Navigating the complexities of multiple cloud environments can be daunting. Our managed cloud service provider expertise allows us to streamline your cloud usage seamlessly, ensuring effective transitions of workloads and seamless integration across different cloud platforms. We bring clarity to the multifaceted aspects of cloud resources and services, providing the agility your business needs to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Rely on our extensive experience in cloud management work to handle your applications and services with finesse. With our commitment to delivering effective, cost-efficient, and secure cloud solutions, entrust us to optimize your cloud resources and transform your business into a powerhouse of innovation and productivity.

Cloud migration services

Helping you bring industrialized cloud services together with patented tools and automation that speed migration and mitigate risks to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities.

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Infrastructure Services

We can help you accelerate cloud’s value by moving away from a capital-intensive, hardware-oriented infrastructure toward a software-defined and intelligent one - ever-ready for any opportunity.

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Data transformation

Data is at the heart of everything. We help you make your data more valuable on the cloud by creating industry and function-specific data and AI insights and intelligence for businesses through cloud.

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In today's tech landscape, businesses increasingly rely on cloud services for their operations. A well-managed cloud environment is crucial for efficiency and productivity. Our services empower you to manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure seamlessly.

As a trusted cloud services provider, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it’s managing a hybrid cloud setup or overseeing your cloud resources, our expertise ensures efficient operations across diverse cloud environments.

Our cloud management platform provides a centralized solution for overseeing diverse cloud services. From optimizing cloud computing costs to enhancing security measures, we ensure that your cloud spend is efficient and aligned with your business objectives.

With our cloud management solution, you gain control over your cloud platform. We prioritize robust cloud security protocols, safeguarding your sensitive data while maximizing the potential of your cloud applications.

Partner with us to leverage the benefits of a well-managed, cost-effective, and secure cloud environment. Streamline your cloud operations and optimize performance to propel your business forward in the digital realm.

How we work

We support you at any stage of your cloud transformation journey through cloud automation and container orchestration. After assessing your goals, we’ll work with you to define the right cloud solution for your business needs and get to value faster.


We begin your digital transformation journey by understanding your goals and providing strategic advice, guidance, and technical expertise required to improve the current state of your IT infrastructure.

Platform/Container implementation

We assist you in creating a result-driven roadmap to accelerate the adoption or achieve value from the cloud. We always strive to build resilient, stable, and highly performant deployments with optimal resource utilization.

CI/CD enablement

Using CI/CD pipelines, we help you automate the software delivery processes to improve product quality, reduce deployment risks, and accelerate the delivery of updates.

Application Transformation

We enable your existing business-critical applications on the cloud to leverage a containerized runtime environment and production-grade capabilities.

Platform support

We help detect possible issues before they affect your business, reaching 24/7 business continuity, data integrity, and zero-disruption upgrades.

Leverage our partnerships

No challenge is out of reach. We extend our industry expertise and comprehensive cloud services through a vast global network of market leaders and innovators to accelerate our clients’ path to value.

Elevate your business with top-notch infrastructure management, ensuring seamless operations across diverse cloud environments

Our comprehensive suite of cloud management tools and services spans leading platforms, including Azure Cloud, providing holistic management solutions.

We understand the pivotal role of effective cloud management in today’s landscape. That’s why our robust cloud management platform empowers users with streamlined management tasks, offering a good cloud management experience. With the ability to optimize cloud infrastructure and orchestrate resources, we ensure that your cloud is perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Our focus on cloud optimization and effective cloud management enables businesses to harness the full potential of their cloud resources. Whether you’re looking to improve cloud performance or enhance cloud observability, our management and governance strategies help you track and optimize cloud resources efficiently.

Moving to the cloud can be a game-changer, and our cloud management solutions provide the necessary tools to make this transition seamless. From application management to maintaining a scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure, our expertise covers all aspects of cloud management, ensuring your cloud operations are efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Trust us to keep your cloud infrastructure optimized and running at peak performance.

Adam McWilliams, Chief Engineering

SequenceWorks made it easy for us to extend our web application infrastructure into the cloud.

Marc Scott, Assistant VP Infrastructure

Their modern cloud design and optimization have been fantastic additions to our infrastructure.

John Ranson, VP of Global Transformation

SequenceWorks were completely transparent in their processes, and they delivered.


Industry-specific and pre-configured cloud solutions, co-developed with our ecosystem hyperscale/cloud and platform business group partners.


Industry-specific, architecture blueprints, offering fully integrated, application and data architecture roadmaps and data models for the enterprise.


Industry-specific cloud executive briefings, providing a view of cloud business cases based on industry roadmaps to the cloud.

Reduce time to market with new products and services

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by leveraging cloud’s pay-per-use model

Improve the agility of your IT environment by scaling it to your business needs.

Increase efficiency through automation of builds, testing, provisioning, and deployments

Let's understand your cloud needs

We help you achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through our partnership.